About Us

Passion is people. People who love what they do and take your enjoyment personally. Passion is what to expect from the people who take your order and the people who craft your meal.

equipoAstrid Oheim, the chef and proprietress of the Tasca, resident in Tenerife from 1995 is of nationality German, but that as they say “more Canary than the gofio”.

In her plates and desserts the passion is reflected for the kitchen that comes to her from heredity on the part of his mother.

With the fresh products of the ground, she prepares as well Canary plates, respecting ancient recipes, like creative plates with personal touch.

gato We place great value on close and professional relationship with the client. In the dining room Victor is responsible for providing advice on the best combination of food and wine.

And of course our pet of the Tasca cannot be missing, called simply “THE CAT”.

A plush that is part of the decoration from the beginnings and that accompanies us to any gastronomic event.