La Tasca

Placed in the center of Granadilla de Abona, opposite the Chapel of the Calvary (1882), we offer you wide gastronomic and enológicas possibilities. With our special attention to the fresh products of ecological origin, we prepare dishes of marked canary caracter using ingredients as goatcheese, the local sweet blood sausage, the vinegar of the area, the palmhoney or the gofio.

Special mention to the creativity reflected in the salads and his dressings, to the sauces and creams on that we accompany our meats prepared in the moment and of course in our delightful and surprising tapas.

As final brooch of a good meal or dinner we recommend to prove our homemade desserts.

To accompany our plates we give special interest to the rich canarian wines variety and his Denominations of Origin, and wines proceeding from the Iberian Peninsula are not missing, like Ribera del Duero, Rioja or Toro. All of them can be tasted by glasses ,with the exception of the upbringing.

In the ambience of the establishment we have chased the warmth and the welcome, to turn of his colors in roofs and walls, the rustic furniture, the wood of the soils and the tones of indirect light in wall lights and lamps of pottery. The continuous exhibitions of art, like painted art, photographs or sculpture, create also dynamism in the decoration.

The kindly and personal service is very important for us, joined to the grateful space between tables invite to the withdrawal and the enjoyment of the good table….for us YOU are SPECIAL so let us put FLAVOURS IN YOUR LIFE